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The Bock Engineering Manual is available in PDF format. You can click the top link above to download the complete manual or you can download each section of the manual by clicking on the section titles below. The contents of each section are listed below the links.

General Information, Pages 2-13 (PDF)

  • Warnings and Cautionary Statements
  • Comparisons of Fuel Prices and Operating Costs
  • Estimated Annual Cost of Operation: Oil-Fired Units
  • Estimated Annual Cost of Operation: Gas Units and Electrical Units
  • General Information
  • Oil-Fired Water Heater Installation, Pipes Sizes, Alternatives
  • Piping Fuel Lines for Bock Oil-fired Water Heaters
  • Gas-Fired Water Heater Installation
  • Indirect Water Heater Installation

Sizing Guide, Pages 14-27 (PDF)

  • General Sizing Formula, Sizing for BTUH Input
  • Indirect Water Heater Applications
  • Multiple Dwelling Buildings
  • Expansion Tank Sizing
  • Hair Salons, Barber Shops, Car Washes, Places of Worship, Schools, Industrial Plants, Dairy Barns, Care Centers, Dorms, Office Buildings, Clubs
  • Hot Water Requirements for Fixtures and Machines
  • Shower Head Availability
  • Food Service Establishments
  • Machine Dishwashing Requirements
  • Self-Service and Commercial Laundries
  • Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, and Baptistries

Venting, Pages 28-32 (PDF)

  • Venting the Water Heater, Types of Venting, Industrial Vents
  • The Common Vent
  • Combustion/Ventilation Air
  • Balanced Combustion System
  • Insufficient or Excessive Draft
  • Barometric Draft Controls
  • Power Vent Selection-Tjernlund Products
  • Draft Inducer

Installation and Hookups, Pages 33-42 (PDF)

  • Specialized Installation Hookups
  • Indirect (Coil Tank) Installation
  • System Plus Installation for Hydronic Heating
  • Radiant Heating
  • Combined Appliance Sizing
  • Multiple Hookups : Parallel, Series, Isolating, Reverse Storage Tank
  • Isolating Series, Reverse Storage tank System Hookups
  • Weights, Measures, Metric Conversions

Tables (PDF)

  • Vent Tables
  • Indirect, Oil, Gas Performance Table
  • Measuring Combustion Efficiency Using Oxygen (O2)

Glossary of Terms (PDF)